Christian Business Leaders to Claim their Rightful Place as Kings

Written by Nigel Maine on Saturday, 11 March 2017. Posted in God, Faith & Miracles, Spiritual Warfare, Business

Christian Business People are the Present Day Biblical Kings

Christian Business Leaders to Claim their Rightful Place as Kings

You've chosen to dismiss Christianity in the workplace and ignore God's will for your business. So, how's that working out for you?

Christian business people are under increasing pressure from external forces to ignore, dismissed even criminalise the Christian faith in business.

It seems strange to me that with the promise of so much in the Bible, we have chosen to ignore God and attempt to fight on in our own strength.

God makes promise after promise, but the lure and attractiveness of the world's proposals seem to drown out the word of God and distract us from his will for our lives - and for what?

You and I both know nothing has changed. Business only gets more intense. You have more work to do, more targets, more staff, more of everything. It doesn't matter where the P & L is or where the debtors factor against the creditors, we both know there is no let up!

Who is it for and what is it for?

When we start our businesses it all seems exciting. The adrenaline rush of being our own boss and for what. What compels us to do it?

I have to say, I believe it is the kudos of saying you're your own boss. It's not the money and it's not the hours. You work longer, harder and for less money, but there is an expectation that in the end it will all come good. But what if...

  • What if you place God at the centre of every thing you do in business, then what?
  • What if you ask for God's direction and acknowledge - his will be done?
  • What if you choose a path that looks to serve others and not yourself?
  • What if you change your position to that of company Pastor instead of CEO?

All too often, Christians in business stop thinking about God and pursue the world's way of doing things, but why?:

  • Is it because there appears to be no other way?
  • Is it because we think that we're not supposed to be wealthy?
  • Do we think that we'll have to give up everything?
  • Do we think that we'll be snubbed by our peers?
  • Is it because we're feel embarrassed about what other people will say and think?

Stand Your Ground

Well, I think its time, as business people, that we placed our stake in the ground and stood up for what we believe in and if your faith has been taking a knocking, its because you either haven't read and studied your Bible or you have been listening to some lukewarm teaching that has sapped your faith and has got you walking in unbelief.

Business people are so unaware of what God will do in their businesses that they carry on year after year doing the same thing, working their fingers to the bone thinking that they're too busy to think about God, Church or any thing else spiritual.

Perhaps it is because God's way seems too difficult or perhaps it is because so many Christians have been deceived by the enemy and have been distracted and therefore disabled the power of God's grace to affect business.

Present Day Kings

So, how about it. Are you ready to start approaching business as God intended. Did you know that you are referred to as a 'King' in the Bible as well as a Priest - unto God.  But why have we dismissed this mantle?

God has never changed. He is the same today as he was at the beginning of time. It is us that keep changing and shutting him out.

We are meant to be here. We are meant to be running businesses and God wants us to acknowledge him and not the way of the world.  When we do, things start happening!  Not only are there cheers from the heavenlies, but our Commander-in-Chief Jesus notices the change in out hearts and he can then start mobilising the necessary grace (power) that means he can achieve the things he has planned for us.

Jesus - Prophet, Priest & King

We all need to be encouraged.  Different angles help us view and review what we've been taught.  Perhaps this new documentary/study will contribute to helping you renew your mind (Romans 12:2).

It is due to be released this autumn - It looks very interesting and well put together.

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Nigel Maine

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