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Why The Standard

The Bible tells us to encourage and support each other, however, running a business can be pretty lonely at times, especially as very few Pastors, Ministers or Clergy have any idea how to help a business flourish.  In many cases, the talk of money and finance is ignored or at best not handled very well and as a result the rest of The Gospel is thought of as a waste of time by so many business people simply because church leaders cannot communicate on the same level.

Based upon Bible scripture, we are repeatedly told that God wants us to prosper. But it doesn't stop there. God wants to prosper us as business people so that we can financially bless others. It is a Kingdom principle.

God will bless and increase our financial standing if we place him centre-stage. And it's not about simply being good stewards of money. We are to lead well and set a good example.  All these traits are business centric and therefore we want to help businesses like yours not only benefit from being connected to The Standard but also to learn what the promises of God are for our businesses through online articles and at face-to-face meetings.

Four Elements to Faith

We don't over complicate faith, we know that there are four things we are expected to do....

Ask for Wisdom

Pray and ask God for Wisdom to do the right thing.

Lay on Hands

We are to lay hands on the sick and they will be healed.

Cast Out Demons

We have the power to bind up and cast out demons.

Make Disciples

Get baptised, receive the Holy Spirit and pass it on.