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Articles tagged with: Christianity


Why Dispute Britain is a Christian Country

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // God, Faith & Miracles

David Cameron said we were Christian, Tim Minchin and 54 Humanists Wrote to the Daily Telegraph trying to say we are not. You Decide!

Why Dispute Britain is a Christian Country

Britain is a Christian country, not only because our Queen is Christian but also because all of our laws and statutes are based upon the Bible.

Christian values were established first; they were written in stone for Moses! as stated in the Bible, therefore all moral values have been derived from the Bible. It is deceiving to say that Christian values could be distinct from human values.

But this media debate is ONLY about religion, NOT faith or the supernatural.  What do you think?


Small Church or Megachurch, Does it Matter?

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // News & Information

Irrespective of size, join something truly amazing that will change your life forever and ever!

Small Church or Megachurch, Does it Matter?

I'm not sure at which point we are on the upward curve, in terms of the increase of Christianity, but I wholly believe that we are poised to witness some of the most amazing events ever seen on this earth and not all of them will be particularly pleasant.

From the beginning of the early church there being varying sizes of gatherings, from the book of Acts 2:41 "Those who believed what Peter said were baptised and added to the church that day - about 3000 in all (NLT) And still today, Christianity is on the increase around the world.


Islam - A Born Again Christian's View

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // Islam

If we dont study the Bible what will compel anyone to study the Quran to understand their intentions

Islam - A Born Again Christian's View

There is so much on the news and online about the growing situation surrounding IS, Islam and Muslims that I’ve been compelled to write my view and understanding of this based upon being a committed Born Again Christian for the past five and a half years.

During the early part of becoming a Christian I wasn’t encouraged to read the Bible although it is, of course referred to at Church but no one I knew or spoke to constantly read and studied it and as a result, nor did I. But that changed!


ISIS: Fighting Fire with Fire

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // News & Information, Islam

In the battle with ISIS You cannot fight a spiritual war with physical artillery

ISIS: Fighting Fire with Fire

In a world where faith and spirituality are ridiculed, even by some Christians, it’s not surprising that the West appears to be doing nothing about the atrocities in the Middle East.

From where I’m standing, it all seems pretty clear to me. Our world has become so self-serving that it has dispensed with all this God stuff and continues with the self-styled order that allows anyone and everyone to reject the past – even if it was right and even if it foretold our future.