Comment in Context: Female Bishops & Priests

Written by Nigel Maine on Monday, 13 March 2017. Posted in News & Information

Does anyone have the right to make changes to biblical precepts and guidelines?

Comment in Context: Female Bishops & Priests

The Bible does not specifically state that women should hold these authoratative positions in Church. So from a Biblical world-view we shouldn’t be playing with the precepts in the Bible.

However, from a modern or post-modern world view the way we view equality and our development as a race makes us feel that we have the right to change or challenge Biblical precepts and establish gender equality.

It seems that because we have moved on with our worldviews we also believe that we can make changes as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone!

I know we don’t use slaves any more. But the principles around the man/woman authority in the church is something that was put in place by God and rather than inviting a Jezebel spirit in to the church to allow women to ‘get their own way’ I feel more comfortable dying for my wife as Jesus did for his Church than feeling so superior in my personal development to the point of changing His Word.

Others will disagree.

For Post Modernism, it’s all about equality, fairness and allowing anyone to do what they want to do as long as it doesn’t harm anyone or upset the other party.

So you can see that from a post modern view gender equality is acceptable and right. However, from a Biblical view it is wrong.

If the desire to change what is says in the Bible is stronger than retaining its precepts then we have to allow people to do what they think is right and deal with the consequences before God. It comes down to loving the person and not necessarily what they do.

We can agree to disagree, we can have an opinion per se, but we are not to judge.  That is between God and those who make these decisions for themselves.

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