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Lockdown or not; we're not going to allow a man-made situation to stop us from meeting.  With over 5,000 people connected to us in one way or another, we're simply doing what God expects of us and that is to keep connected, be available to answer questions about faith and to be an example of how He has told us to live as it is written in the Bible.  Do we get it right every time - no.  But we'll keep trying and keep being quick to repent if we mess up.

Join us each week as we attempt to navigate the technology and skill-sets required to deliver a live show and definitely pray for us that we have some fun along the way and not take it too seriously.

Our first series will be twelve weekly shows and then we'll review everything.  Below you can see how we've prepared, the subects we plan to cover and our anticipated show format to help us keep focused and steer me away from rambling :)  

Planned Themes

The first 'show' will be our pilot as we'll try and make most of the mistakes then...The following week, we'll plan to follow the schedule below, which gives you an opportunity to have think about what we're doing and can pose any questions you might have that can be answered 'live' or we can simply message you back.

  • Week 1 - 14.02.21 - The Big Picture
  • Week 2 - 21.02.21 - History
  • Week 3 - Politics
  • Week 4 - Family
  • Week 5 - Health
  • Week 6 - Religion
  • Week 7 - Business
  • Week 8 - Believers
  • Week 9 - Education
  • Week 10 - Flat Earth
  • Week 11 - Spiritual Warfare
  • Week 12 - Review


Show Format

We're not going to greet you, serve you a coffee and invite you to enjoy the show like they do in most churches!  This live stream is to help people like you work out if what they've been taught is right or wrong and help you find the answers.  Faith is Jesus is a big deal and there are a lot of forces at work that want to stop you from finding out the truth.

  • Countdown
  • Intro
  • Welcome
  • Explanation of format
  • Weekly News
  • --The Fuel Project
  • Lockdown Support
  • Bible Study & Next Week's Scripture
  • --The Last Reformation
  • Question(s) of the Week
  • Discussion & messages
  • -- Why Baptism
  • Close


Our First Pilot Show - 31st January 2021

The Big Picture

Streamed on 14.02.21

Our first scheduled live stream.  We talked about how all this 'religious stuff' came about and how it fits in to an historical context of our society.

Our History

Streamed on 21.02.21

Who are we?  Why would a couple from Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire, UK want to broadcast about their faith?  Join us to find out how and why we 'tick' the way we do.

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