The Chronicle of Brothers Book Review

Written by Nigel Maine on Monday, 13 March 2017. Posted in News & Information, Reviews

Review of Four books; The Fall of Lucifer, The First Judgement, Son of Perdition, A Pale Horse

The Chronicle of Brothers Book Review

It sometimes takes a different approach for someone (like me) to realise how amazing and utterly astounding this life really is and how dependent we are (and should be) on God.  

Author, Presenter & Co Founder of GOD TV, Wendy Alec has presented our relationship with God from the beginning of time to the present day in such a way that, I believe, should be taught in Sunday school and every school, so that we can get a genuine handle on the Christian faith.

How to Study the Bible - Getting it on the Inside!

Written by Nigel Maine on Friday, 10 March 2017. Posted in God, Faith & Miracles, Reviews

How To Study The Bible for Yourself - Tim LaHaye

How to Study the Bible - Getting it on the Inside!

I seemed to have a bit of a block when it came to actually studying the Bible.

I had read it twice, cover to cover and was becoming familiar with it, knowing where certain scripture was and even how to apply it in my life, but getting to the point of actually wanting to study the Bible seemed to be something a bit distant.  

Until I read the twelve Left Behind books.

In June 2013 I purchased the book How to Study the Bible for Yourself - All I can say is WOW...

Four Elements to Faith

Don't over complicate faith; before you do anything, we are called to: -
1. Repent to God 2. Get baptised to Jesus 3. Be filled with the Holy Spirit
Now you're ready to experience the four elements of faith we are expected to live by....

Lay on Hands

We are to lay hands on the sick and they will be healed.

Cast Out Demons

We have the power to bind up and cast out demons.

Ask for Wisdom

Pray and ask God for Wisdom, He promises to respond

Make Disciples

Be ready to share your faith, always and pass it on.