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The Standard Blog is written to give business owners a fresh and enthusiastic perspective on faith.  We are committed to dispelling the myths and incorrect perceptions many people have of Christianity to demonstrate the supernatural realm of God's Kingdom when it comes to running our businesses.

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The Awesome Argentina Revival

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // God, Faith & Miracles, Spiritual Warfare

Lessons in Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare from Argentina by Peter Wagner

The Awesome Argentina Revival

I read this article (by Peter Wagner) before listening to Carlo Annacondia in person at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster London on 8th August 2014.  I found it extremely interesting, especially the part about Argentina appointing a warlock as Social Welfare minister and then erecting a monument to witchcraft!  I hope you enjoy it.

One of the most successful models of urban evangelism that I have recently been in contact with is taking place in Argentina. Throughout the history of Protestant missions to Latin America, Argentina has been one of the more resistant nations. With the exception of the Tommy Hicks crusade and its aftermath in the early 1950s, the evangelical movement in Argentina has been pretty lackadaisical.


Spiritual Warfare in Business

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // Spiritual Warfare, Business

I’m not going to believe some mumbo-jumbo about evil spirits and demon possession

Spiritual Warfare in Business

Firstly, why should I even consider entertaining God and business in the same sentence? Secondly, I am perfectly capable of taking care of business by myself. And lastly, if you think I’m even going to believe some mumbo-jumbo about evil spirits and demon possession, you’ve got to be kidding – I’ll leave that for my kids and Halloween!

Does this sound about right? Well, I’m not surprised, especially when Christians talk about faith and work together, they’re invariably referring to what happens in the workplace with people rather than the business itself or indeed what can happen to the business owners.


So, you call yourself a Christian?

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // God, Faith & Miracles

Does every Christian you know actually meet the criteria it says in the Bible?

So, you call yourself a Christian?

As of today's date, I have been a Christian for five years and ten months. I say this for a specific reason.

If you've been following my progress or reading my blogs you will know that I take Christianity and faith more seriously than anything else on this earth or in this life. Jesus comes first every time and I will never, ever deny Him, not even to a muslim with a scimitar!


Small Church or Megachurch, Does it Matter?

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // News & Information

Irrespective of size, join something truly amazing that will change your life forever and ever!

Small Church or Megachurch, Does it Matter?

I'm not sure at which point we are on the upward curve, in terms of the increase of Christianity, but I wholly believe that we are poised to witness some of the most amazing events ever seen on this earth and not all of them will be particularly pleasant.

From the beginning of the early church there being varying sizes of gatherings, from the book of Acts 2:41 "Those who believed what Peter said were baptised and added to the church that day - about 3000 in all (NLT) And still today, Christianity is on the increase around the world.


Praying and Prayers for Business

Written by // Nigel Maine Categories // News & Information, Business

Is it time to speak to God through spoken prayer?

Praying and Prayers for Business

One of the most underrated faith-based activities is prayer. Don't get me wrong the people who experience answered prayer are wholly committed to it, but for your average businessman or woman, turning to prayer is invariably a last resort, when it's too late!

I can personally testify to the amazing power of prayer and petition (click here to read or watch a video of my testimony).

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