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Articles tagged with: spiritual warfare

The FACTSS of Life and Christianity

Written by Nigel Maine on Saturday, 11 March 2017. Posted in Relationships

Some people know and some people don't - Get to know God on the Right Terms!

The FACTSS of Life and Christianity

Getting to grips with faith and Christianity can be difficult, but it helps to know some of the basics before embarking on a journey which can be fraught with mis-information and pot-holes.  

Keep these FACTSS in mind as you either begin your walk with God or even if you're already a Christian, perhaps the FACTSS can help you enjoy an even better relationship with Jesus.

The Awesome Argentina Revival

Written by Nigel Maine on Saturday, 11 March 2017. Posted in God, Faith & Miracles, Spiritual Warfare

Lessons in Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare from Argentina by Peter Wagner

The Awesome Argentina Revival

I read this article (by Peter Wagner) before listening to Carlo Annacondia in person at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster London on 8th August 2014.  I found it extremely interesting, especially the part about Argentina appointing a warlock as Social Welfare minister and then erecting a monument to witchcraft!  I hope you enjoy it.

One of the most successful models of urban evangelism that I have recently been in contact with is taking place in Argentina. Throughout the history of Protestant missions to Latin America, Argentina has been one of the more resistant nations. With the exception of the Tommy Hicks crusade and its aftermath in the early 1950s, the evangelical movement in Argentina has been pretty lackadaisical.